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Sep 18 2011

Fire me

Don’t have the guts to quit, so a small part of me is hoping I get fired.

That is all

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  1. ryandwinn

    Don’t think like that! We are all struggling but don’t back down!

  2. K

    I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but as someone who had an ATROCIOUS first year and is loving her second year: hang in there. The year is young yet. In the vast majority of cases, there is the potential for things to get much, much better.

  3. also miserable

    i feel you

  4. I got to a similar place at one point my first year. I decided that since I didn’t care if I got fired or not, I’d do whatever the heck I wanted with my class. (I got rid of all the mandated test-prep and also went totally off the scope and sequence…not something I’d ordinarily recommend to a newbie, but ours was stunningly terrible.) Took a ton of flack for it over the course of the year, but in the end my students scored higher on the state test than the other classes in the same grade level/subject, which magically wiped away my sins, I guess, and my contract was renewed. So my plan kind of backfired.

    • Anna

      Well– I mean, you’re not trying to make your principal happy. You want to do stuff to make sure your kids succeed in life. So :)

  5. Ex-TFA

    They won’t fire you, so if you want to leave, you will probably have to quit like I did. Just wanted to say that I’ve been there and I can imagine how you feel.

    • danielleinthed

      Just out of curiosity, how long were you in TFA before you decided to leave? I’m only three weeks in and I’m already contemplating leaving the corps.

      • Leaving TFA, leaving your job, or both?

        • danielleinthed

          I want to leave my job, but if I leave my job I have to leave TFA, so both. If I were teaching different grade levels and if I were at a different school, I might not be so quick to leave the teaching profession.

      • Ex-TFA

        I officially resigned right before winter break, but I had been thinking about it since October.

        It’s a difficult decision that definitely requires a lot of reflection, but it was the right decision for me.

        If you’re really and truly miserable like I was, and you have some idea of something else you’d like to do, then I say get out. It might seem selfish, but if you hate being there, your kids can probably tell.

        I obviously don’t know the details of your specific situation, but you should know that despite what TFA tells you, CMs do quit. You will certainly not be the first if that’s what you decide to do.

        I also would have considered staying with a different placement. I was placed in SpEd with no training and no background in the field. I know I could have succeeded in a gen ed setting.

  6. Nervous in KC

    I’m in Kansas City…just got pulled from my full classroom placement due to ineffectiveness. And apparently will be fired in two weeks if I don’t work a miracle in small group math intervention with mostly Special Ed. kids.

    Trying to decide if I should just quit so that I don’t have the black spot of getting fired on my future resume…

  7. danielleinthed

    I decided to stay after all. I can’t allow myself to be selfish. I need to step up and fulfill my obligation to these kids and stay true to the commitment that I made to help close the Achievement Gap.

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